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Amadeus, the new sustainable and chic jewellery brand

At the time of the climate emergency, fast fashion is singled out for its catastrophic practices from an ecological, social and human point of view.

By multiplying the collections, mass-produced in countries like China, it has instilled a mentality that could be summed up as follows: "buy cheap and buy more often".

This way of consuming, still too widespread in our society, is more and more called into question, and this in all sectors of activity thanks to a change in mentalities and to young talents who want to embody their values in their fields of activity. respective activities.

In the jewelry sector, creators are now committed to putting an end to certain poor practices such as deforestation, pollution of waterways, ...

Did you know, for example, that the manufacture of a simple gold ring requires 1,500 liters of water, 10 grams of mercury and 100 grams of cyanide, which will pollute rivers and contaminate soils?  That 126 million tonnes of CO² are emitted each year by the gold market?

It is to put an end to this situation and help build a better world that Nathalie Simond has created Amadeus, a chic, fashion ... and sustainable jewelry brand.

Amadeus’ philosophy? Look good, feel good and do good!

Beautiful jewelry that combines style and conscience

Amadeus is a young brand that carries in its DNA the values of sustainability and eco-responsible manufacturing.

Nathalie Simond underlines:

« We want to show that chic and ethics can go hand in hand by offering sustainable jewelry with timeless charm. These are models that we enjoy looking at, wearing and keeping to pass them on to future generations. »

A sustainable approach from A to Z

With Amadeus, indulging yourself by wearing elegant and original jewelry becomes a real civic gesture.

Nathalie Simond confirms:

« By manually producing all of our parts in our studio in London, we maintain full control over the entire process, from sourcing and production to setting and finishing. »

The brand has in fact set up concrete and transparent processes.

In terms of materials used

  • We use recycled silver and Fairtrade gold in all our jewellery.
  • Our gemstones are either recycled from vintage pieces or hand sourced in legislated and fair-trade mines that provide accurate tallying of toxic mining waste and that replenish mine sites.
  • Our ethical pearls are hand-picked in an eco-friendly Asian sea farm.

On a social level

  • We are very proud to create ethical jewellery for women by women. 
  • By working directly with the communities of those mines and farms we cut all the middle agents to ensure the money goes back into the local communities.

On an environmental level

  • We use vegan polishing products and non-toxic pickle to remove oxidisation after soldering.
  • We use biodegradable baggies to store all of our stock.
  • We recycle every last scrap of metal whilst making new pieces. 
  • Our packaging is plastic free and made of recycled materials. For example, our jewellery pouches are hand made in our studio using recycled clothing.
  • For every order you place we plant a tree with our partners Tree-Nation in order to make all our deliveries carbon neutral.
  • We are fully aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

About Nathalie Simond, the most Parisian of London jewelry designers

Born in Paris, London based jewellery designer Natalie Simond is the founder and creative director of Amadeus.

This passionate jewelry designer grew up in a multicultural environment and spent her childhood living on multiple continents.

She then moved to London where she studied fashion design at the prestigious Central Saint Martin's School of Art.

After working for some of the best fashion designers in Paris, Milan and London, and drawing on her many travels around the world, she decided to draw inspiration from her multiple experiences.

With one ambition: to create tailor-made jewelry that will fill her and her clients with a feeling of happiness.

She underlines:

« I created Amadeus to democratize access to genuine craftsmanship, rich in know-how, by offering quality at an affordable price. The collection I offer is 100% handmade, both eclectic and ethnically inspired. »

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